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The British monarchyrn50.

The American Revolutionrn51. The Age of Enlightenmentrn52. The Irish War of Independencern53. The Victorian Erarn54.

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The Atlantic Slave Tradern55. Army generals in the American Civil Warrn56.

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Globe War II57. The Civil Legal rights Movementrn58. The Vietnam Warrn59.

Operation Desert Stormrn60. 9/11 and worldwide terrorism English and Literature Investigate Subjects For Higher education Studentsrn61. Symbolism in literaturern )63. Mythology as/in literaturern64. Romance and sexuality in literaturern65.

Dramatic irony in literaturern66. Literature as propagandarn67.

LGBTQ2 Literaturern68. The hero’s journey in fictionrn69.

Character archetypesrn70. Old English language and literaturern )72. Utopian and dystopian depictions in literaturern73. Very good vs. evil in literaturern74. Native American literature and storytellingrn75.

Spiritual literaturern76. Feminist and women’s literaturern77. Children’s literaturern78.

Black literature and literary voicesrn79. Literary devices and analysisrn80. Literary criticism New music, Film, and Pop Lifestyle Topicsrn81. Movie adaptations of booksrn82. Symbolism in filmrn )84. Violence in film and televisionrn85.

Stereotypes in well-liked culturern86. Tunes genres and their linked sub-culturesrn87. The position of audio and track in activist movementsrn88. Jazz in New Orleansrn89. Cinema scores and compositionsrn90. Classical Hollywood cinemarn91. Soap opera dynastiesrn92. Spaghetti Western filmsrn93. Streaming services and the tunes industryrn94. Portrayals of superheroes in movies and television showsrn95. «Fandom» culturern96. Gender equality in Hollywoodrn97. Legendary actors, bands, and musiciansrn98. Michael Richardson – Profile | American Psychiatric Nurses Association Paparazzi and superstar worshiprn99. Fact television showsrn100. Satire in film and television Existing Affairs and Human Legal rights Topicsrn101. Immigration procedures, techniques, or lawsrn102. Women’s rightsrn103. Activist actions such as Black Life Matter, Everytown For Gun Safety, Time’s Up, or the University Strike For Climatern104. Animal rights or animal crueltyrn105. Write My Essay The United Nationsrn106. Gun safety and manage policiesrn107. Local weather changern108. Rural and city povertyrn109. Homelessnessrn110. International or national terrorismrn111. Modern day warfare practicesrn112. Multiculturalism and nationalismrn113. The crisis in Syriarn114. World-wide peacekeepingrn115. China’s One particular Belt A person Street projectrn116. Urban slums in third entire world countries and building nationsrn117. Cash punishmentrn118. Domestic violencern119. Disability and human rightsrn120. Inside displacement of Indigenous populations Investigate Subject areas For Faculty Students Finding out The Sciencesrn121. Organic disastersrn122. Local weather changern123. Foreseeable future predictions dependent on styles and datarn124. Animal populationsrn125. GMOsrn126. Organic and natural farmingrn127. Darwinismrn128. Room explorationrn129. Ecological conservationrn130. Amino acidsrn131. Molecular biologyrn132. Genetic engineeringrn133. Cloningrn134. Stem mobile researchrn135. Dark matterrn136. Hormone regulationrn137. Plant lifern138. Black holes in spacern139. The Higgs bosonrn140. Cloud development and climate styles Drugs, Nursing, and Health-Connected Subjectsrn141. Vaccinesrn142. Homeopathic medicine and pure medicinern143. Overall health treatment reformrn144. Diseasesrn145. Caring for the elderlyrn146. Failure-to-prosper infantsrn147. Cardiovascular carern148. Kid carern149. Hormone alternative therapyrn150. Neonatal nutrition and care


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